Fish 'n' chips

Royal visit:
The first week of May, the Britain's Queen was here in VA to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Jamestown. Jamestown is a really neat place. Every American should visit this historic place at least once in their lifetime. Mitch and I went a couple of years ago with his brother Mike, his wife Ramona, and the kids. We really enjoyed it.

We would like to go back to see the completion of the new Visitor's Center. From what I hear it is very nice.


GIG April 28th, 2007

The weekend of the 28th of April we went to PA for the Greyhounds in Gettysburg event. We shopped and shopped. Lots of cool vendors were there. The 'kids' got new collars and fleece coats. Boy were they pooped out when we got home. The picture above shows them taking a well deserved rest after a long day.

Here's Booyah looking like a prince in his new collar.

Here's Maggie, 'Miss Queen', looking Regal in her new collar.

We also got Booyah a fleece coat with flames on it..........because he is so fast, of course. =) And we got Maggie a colorful fleece coat because as you may already know she is the QUEEN at our house.

We met a VAGA member named Diane who informed us that Booyah's cowlick is thought to be a symbol of a relation to the Irish Greyhounds. She said that some believe the cowlick is a thumb print from God. Booyah was blessed by God. =)
So apparently Booyah has some trace of Irish in his blood. His green collar and leash suit him pretty well then! Booyah was extremely excited and sniffed every grey's bum he saw. Maggie was not that impressed by the event. We did not take any pictures at GIG, but here are some of the kids playing outside after their nap.

Look at me mum, I can hop like a kangaroo.

Mom is this my good side? I am a very handsome boy.

Booyah is such a ladies man.

My Greys love to play catch. Maggie loves to catch the squeaky toys in the air and then squeak them. Booyah loves to run around the yard with the squeaky in his mouth.

Maggie Moo is pretty good at playing catch. She usually always gets the toy before Booyah.

Sweet victory for Boo boo.

The excitment does not last long. Pretty soon they are pooped.

We are done now mom. We are gaurding our toys.

Moo Moo smiles.

Hi mom! I had a nice nap. Do you like my new bandanna? Aren't I precious?

Group picture of all 4 of us by the Iris'.