Reuniting Kebo Litter mates

I have been slacking in the blog arena lately. We have had lots going on. :) I have also been slacking in taking photos too, so you won't find any pics of my kids in this post. We did have an exciting weekend last weekend on the greyhound front though. We had the opportunity to be a small part of reuniting some litter mates last Sunday. It was very heartwarming for us both!

Meet the Kebo litter mates below. From left to right: Kebo Karen, affectionately known as Jazmin, Kebo Kupcake, now affectionately known as Jade and Kebo Kash, affectionately known as Kash.Nice looking family!

Here is their story:

Jazmin retired last year and was adopted in June of last year by a very nice family in the Richmond area. Kash just retired less than two months ago and was adopted to another very nice family in the Richmond area. The families live only about 15 minutes from each other, so the litter mates will get to see each other often. :) The last litter mate to retire was Jade. She just retired this month and was adopted last weekend by the same family who adopted Jazmin. Kash and his mom came over to Jazmin and Jade's house for the reunion. It was all smiles! I love happy stories like these! There were only three pups in the litter and VAGA was able to get all three adopted.

Last Saturday, we also hosted two adoptions at the house for two more families in the Richmond area. The first hound, Jillie, you may recognize from Alex's blog. She was this little girls foster mom and helped her learn the ropes. You can read all about her antics here. =) Love the pictures of her admiring herself! She was only with us for a few hours until her new family could come to pick her up, but she made herself at home like she had lived here her whole life. She is a very happy girl! She gave us our first experience with "happy tail". It freaked me out because at first I could not figure out which dog was truly bleeding, as they all had blood on them somewhere from a happy tail swing. Once I figured it out, I was relieved. We bandaged her up and warned her new family about her happy tail. :)

Later in the day Mitch met up with some volunteers and picked up Jade and BBR Trojan (below), who is now affectionately known as Flash. He is living happily in a home with two young boys who are into superheros, hence the name. :) Jade stayed one night with us and she was already settled in by the morning. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly these dogs adjust to their new lives. Flash went to his forever home on Saturday evening and has been doing well. We will be seeing him at some future meet and greets. :)It was a wonderful greyhound weekend. We will be doing it again this weekend. Two more families around the Richmond area will be welcoming a greyhound home. =) I hope this momentum of finding homes for these wonderful dogs keeps on going.