Sunny fun day

Finally, we had a reprieve in the cold weather. Last weekend it was sunny and warm. Well at least it was in the 50's and that felt warm to us after being in the 30's and having all that snow for a couple of weeks. It is all relative right? Any who, the hounds were happy to actually be able to run in a yard that had mostly grass. We knew it was going to be a good day when the sun beams were coming through the front windows of the house.Booyah finds his Tiger that has been buried in snow for weeks.
Happy boy with his toy.
Cueball was itching for a good romp.

He ran by himself for a good while until Booyah joined in on the fun.
Catch me if you can!
Meanwhile on the other side of the yard, I am not sure what the girls were up to. I will leave it up to you for the caption. ;-)
And, to understand this expression on Pippi's face, you have to see the before shot below, which did not come out very well, but does explain why she has the "I just got the smack down" look on her face. Miss Queen does not put up with rough play, so she let Miss Personality know that Maggie don't play that!
Cueball says, that's okay Pippi, I will play with you.
They had a ball. Of course it only lasted a few minutes and then they came back in to sleep, but they needed to burn some of the couped up energy they have been gathering for weeks.

I am looking forward to spring, so bring on the fun in the sun!!


Gotcha and Happy Birthday day

Someone very special recently celebrated her birthday and gotcha day, all in the same day. Seems like it was just yesterday that Pippi joined our family. She has been with us a year now. Over the last year she has really come out of her shell and let her personality shine through. She is one of the most laid back hounds you will ever meet. She is a roacher. And can roach with the best of them.

She loves to travel. She loves laying in the sun. And romping around in the yard. She is smart and a very quick learner. She learned how to sit in a matter of a few days. :) She enjoys being an ambassadog at meet and greets. She will do anything for food. I have not encountered a hound who was more food motivated than she is. She is a lap dog, a great couch snuggler and a wonderful companion. She brings us many laughs and smiles. She completes our family nicely. It took her a couple of bounces, which we still are puzzled by because we think she is perfect, before she landed her forever home, but we are so glad she ended her journey with us. We celebrated her day by giving her lots and lots of treats (by far her favorite thing in the world) and lot and lots of snuggling time on the couch (her second favorite thing in the world). She will be getting a cake too in a few days. :)

So here's to you Miss Pippi! Happy 5th Birthday and Happy 1st Gotcha Day!!! We love you and are so grateful you are part of our family!!!!!!!!


Greyhound Snow Track

I could not figure out how to copy the video, but if you click on the link below you will see it. It is too cute not to share. I am tired of the snow, but this made me smile. :) Hope you enjoy!!

Greyhound Snow Track

4 feet of snow, 5 days cooped up inside, 2 shovels, and 1 hyper greyhound.? The video shows the result!

Click the following link to view the full article:


Our wintery landscape

We survived round three of winter weather this weekend. It did not accumulate to a lot of snow for our area. We got around 4 inches total, but this storm brought us some beauty on the ground and on the trees. Other parts of the state were not so lucky..ending up with 2 feet or more of snow. Glad I am not a northern Virginian. 1 snowfall a year is enough for me.

I spent this morning taking some pictures of the beauty of nature which surrounds our home. Hope you enjoy!

These two logs sit on the edge of our driveway near the woods. They are quite pretty covered with snow.Below is also a shot of an area on the right side of our driveway.
Icy trees in our backyard.
Another icy tree in our side yard.
And another. I was fascinated by them. They are so beautiful.
A little tree in our side yard. I love the little balls of snow. Reminds me of the balls of snow that were on Lappy, the Lhasa Apso we had when I was growing up. He always looked like a goober when he came back inside after playing in the snow with all the dangling balls of snow hanging off of him.

Holy tree in our backyard. I hate their prickly leaves, but they are pretty covered in snow.
Young Loblolly pine trees.
And just for good measure I will throw in a shot of Cueball having a nice romp in the snow.

Hopefully by the next blog update there will be NO snow!!