Double your Meet and Greets, Double your fun

We have been busy with greyhound volunteer work. In the midst of all of the fun we had a hurt hound. A few weeks ago Cueball got a big boo boo under his eye. He and Pippi were playing in our yard and the play got a little rough. Our fault completely, neither pup was muzzled. Live and learn. Although it was a hard lesson. Luckily it was just a flesh wound with no damage to his eye. The sutures have been removed and he has healed up nicely. He now has a "battle scar" that all the ladies will dig. ;-) We attended the Glen Allen MG in early February and helped spread the word about our beloved greys.

Finley tolerates Pippi's "TSA" style body search.

Sunday looking pretty in purple.

The whole gang (8 hounds). It was a great turnout and we met some new greyhound friends. :)

Then in late February we attended our monthly meet and greet in Richmond. Again, we had a great turnout of hounds and humans along with a record breaking donation amount!

Jazmin looking on. Her first meet and greet and she did great!

Booyah and Pippi greet Max.

Sera was one of our donation dogs. She is super friendly and loves people and attention!

In early February we also attended a Roller Derby game. Richmond has a co-ed team. We both had never been to a Roller Derby game. We can now say that we are fans and are addicted! We had so much fun, once we understood the rules, and one of our good friends is on the Broadstreet Brawlers (local team) team, so it made it extra fun! We already have all the home matches marked on our calendar. :)

This guy from the Carytown Crashers team was leading the jam. He was very fast!

A jam in progress.

Below is a quick video of part of one of the jams.

At each home match, they sponsor a charity. The charity can set up a table and sell raffle tickets for gift cards and other prizes. All proceeds earned go to the charity. A way to give back to local charities, love it!! VAGA was invited to be the charity for the March match (Leprechaun Throw down). It was honor to be selected! So Mitch and I set up table at the RollerDome and held a non-dog meet and greet with information about greyhounds, brochures and business cards. Sold raffle tickets and collected donations while watching the March Roller Derby match. It was such a fun event and we raised over $230.00 for VAGA!!! Very cool!

More fun greyhound events coming soon, so stay tuned! Now that spring has officially sprung we will be out and about a lot more. :)