We are very honored to have received two awards this week. :)

Below are the rules.

Rule 1. Thank the person who gave you the award.

We would like to send a big Greyhound Roo as a thank you to our new friends at

and Yoda from Barking Out Loud blog.You guys Rock!! If you have not had the opportunity to check out these blogs, I highly recommend that you do!

Rule 2. Post 7 things about yourself. We will let Miss Queen (Maggie) do the typing for this one. ;-)

Hi bloggie friends. This is Maggie. My mum said I could type on the computer and tell 7 things about me and my brothers and sisters. Are you ready? Okay, here we go.

1. The race is over for us. We were lucky enough to find our forever home. We spend our retirement hanging out with our humans; we run when we want to in our big back yard; play with lots of squeaky toys; get lots of treats and bones; lots of love and scritches; and we help our humans when they go to events to promote greyhound adoption. They call us ambassadogs. We don't really know what that means, but we have a good time when we go on these adventures. ;) Sometimes we even get to see old friends from our racing days.

2. We are all related. Yup, isn't that neat? Our humans did not plan it that way, but they think it is pretty cool too. See this post (Good Thing They Are Fixed, 2-11-09) for details.

3. Our humans refer to us as 45mph couch potatoes. We don't mind. After all, we do a pretty good job living up to that name.

4. We have a kitty for a sister. Her name is Misty. At first we did not know what to think about her and our humans were very cautious with us at first. They told us we could not chase her or hurt her. It took us a little bit to understand she is part of the family and not a toy, but now we all live happily together.

5. We enjoy going to the beach. We like laying in the sand and playing in the waves. We also enjoy a good hearty romp around the yard and playing keep away with each other.

6. We believe every plastic bag has something good for us in it, even if it doesn't, we still like to investigate. :)

7. We love cheese. It is our favorite treat!

Well there you have it. I hope you enjoyed learning 7 things about us. Now it is Mum's turn to type.

Rule 3. Pass the award onto bloggers who you think are fantastic. If you have already received this award and have already done your post, just thank me, unless you want to re-post. :)

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Weekend Getaway With Greys & Wine

We packed up the minivan and headed to Manassas for the Grapehounds Virginia Event (yes, we bought a minivan about a month ago. Never thought I would own one, but the Subi was not working well for long trips, so we took the plunge). I am so happy this event was held in Virginia this year. We have been trying to make it to the annual event in New York for about three years, but can't seem to get our schedules to work out for that time of year. It was nice to have such a nice event so close to home, there was no way we were going to miss it.

In our van, we had two small suitcases, which contained our belongings, and the rest of the minivan was packed with "dog related " things. Though I am not sure why we bothered bringing four dog beds.
Now, if they only had hotels with three double beds. :)

We started our wine tour off on Friday night at Willowcroft Farm Vineyards. This was our view as we hung out with the pups, tasted some wine, ate some good food and enjoyed conversations with our friends. We made some new friends while we were there and chatted with some old friends. It was a lovely evening. The weather was just perfect.

This was the best shot I could get of all four. Those darn leashes get in the way every time. ;-)

Then on Saturday we visited the next stop on the wine tour, which was Tarara Winery. There were lots of greyhound vendors, music, good food, wine tasting, lots of hounds, good friends and beautiful weather. We spent all day with our hounds just hanging out by the water, drinking wine, listening to music and enjoying another beautiful day.

Our view for the day at Tarara Winery.
The view leaving Tarara Winery. I love tree lined roads. So pretty.
On our way back to our hotel, we saw a family crossing the road.

By Sunday the pups were pooped, but we managed to drag them with us as we continued with the tour with a stop first at Sky Meadow State Park. On our way, we passed this sign. I couldn't resist. Sounds like a pretty interesting place. ;-)At Sky Meadows State Park, we saw this old house on the property behind Mount Bleak House and just thought it was beautiful.
This was the perfect place to take some pictures with the hounds.

If only we could have had one with us and the pups all in one shot. :( Maybe next time.

Another view from Sky Meadows. I am a beach girl, but even I can appreciate that these mountain views are spectacular.
After walking for a bit at the state park, we headed to our final destination on the wine tour. I have not encountered a more dog friendly winery than this one. Barrel Oak Winery (BOW) offered some very tasty wines, beautiful views, yummy food and a very welcoming atmosphere for dogs and their owners. We will definitely visit this winery again in the near future.

It seemed to me that the first Grapehounds Virginia event was a great success. I hope this event becomes an annual one and continues to grow. It was a lovely way to celebrate our 9th anniversary. :)