Happy Birthday Mitch

Mitch celebrated his 40 something birthday this past Wednesday. He is such an easy guy to please. All he wanted for his birthday was for me to bake him a cake. :) We had a nice meal together, enjoyed the evening with the pups and then we enjoyed the cake I baked him. It was a double layered chocolate cake with chocolate icing on the bottom half and strawberry icing on the top. It may not have looked too pretty but it was yummy!Happy birthday Mitch! We love you!!!! :)

I have been playing with different modes on my camera. I gave the black and white function a try indoors since the weather has been so crummy lately. I love black and white photos and these didn't turn out half bad.

Miss Pippi.
Maggie Moo.

Boo Boo.
And Pippi again.


Rain drops keep fallin on my head

The weather in VA lately has been less than desirable. It has been cold and rainy since Wednesday. The pups are starting to go stir crazy and we are experiencing a bit of cabin fever. The rain has not been heavy, but it has been steady. We are wishing for sunny skies and warmer temps. We put our flower bed project on hold and have been spending the majority of our time inside for the last few days, but we did manage to sneak out a few times during brief stopping periods from the rain. I brought the camera along hoping for a few good shots.

Cueball looking studly.
Pippi barking and handsome Booyah.

Back inside, Pippi tries to snuggle with Cueball, but he is not interested. Maybe he is going through the girls have cooties stage. ;-)

And our smiler, Pippi.
Better weather will hopefully bring some fun for the pups in the yard. They desperately need a good hardy run. :)


Rainy day and Pippi Speaks

Hey girls, what do you see?

Booyah sees it too.
Maggie and Cueball smell it.
A rain storm is rolling in.
A few weeks ago, we enjoyed a nice afternoon on the porch with the pups during a rain storm. There was a nice cool breeze and the entrancing sound of the rain falling down. So peaceful. It is times like this that we are really thankful for our country porch. :) Just a few pictures of that relaxing afternoon.
And one cute little video of Pippi, but to understand the humor in the clip some background info. first. Pippi is a food hound. She will do anything for food. She has learned in the time that she has been with us that everyone gets a treat when they come in from going potty outside. She is always the first one to run back up on the deck and waits for the other pups and I to come inside. She usually greets me with a smile and a bark to let me know she would like her treat now........just in case I forget. ;-)

Have a greyt week everyone!


Another candle 4 the cake & Williamsburg walk

Last Sunday Maggie celebrated her 9th birthday. I baked her a Peanut Butter Delight birthday cake. I am not much of a cook or a baker, simply because I have no desire to be in the kitchen preparing food. Just not my forte. But I do enjoy baking for the kids. Maybe because they are happy with whatever I make and they don't care what it looks like. ;-) Or maybe it is because they are my kids and I enjoy making them happy. Whatever the reason, I will be doing more of it. But, enough about that and on to the pictures.

The cake. The topping is yogurt and shredded carrots. :)Just a cute close up picture of the birthday girl. For all those who know me well, you know that she is my heart. Sigh......can't believe she is 9.
So what did the queen do for her birthday? She chilled on her new dog bed, attended a meet and greet in Newport News and,
ate some birthday cake.

I think this means she liked it.

Happy Birthday Miss Queen! We love you so much!!! We look forward to many more candles for the cake.

This morning we headed down to Williamsburg for a greyhound group walk. It was a lovely day in Virginia. Blue skies, nice breeze and sunshine.

Cueball enjoys the freedom of the sunroof.
Pippi wonders where we are going.
Mitch with Booyah and Cueball.
Pippi, Ben, hounds and humans. Pippi was very intrigued by the massive piles of horse poop along our walk. Gross! At least she did not try to roll around in it. ;)
More Hounds. :)
Jane took a group picture of Ben, myself and Mitch with the hounds (from left to right: Lola, Pippi, Maggie, Cueball and Booyah) underneath a beautiful old tree. After the walk there was group picture taken and a blessing of the hounds ceremony.
We had a wonderful time! Williamsburg is such a beautiful town. And it was nice to attend an event so close to home.

Everyone slept on the ride home.

And, just a cute picture of Cueball enjoy the stacked dog beds while I vacumn.
More fun to come, so stick around!