More of the same

Nothing exciting happening around the Ridlon abode lately, just enjoying the beautiful weather we have had. I have also been spending a fair amount of time practicing with the camera. The kids are quite used to me stalking them now. =)

As the years go by, Cueball's ticking becomes more and more defined. I guess it is how he ages.Maggie is really starting to get white in her face. Can't believe she will be 10 in a few months.
Pippi trying to sneak up on me.
Hanging out on the deck watching the birds.
Playing with her stuffie.
Booyah prefers the sheep.
He likes to try to bury his toys. He and Pippi dig a hole for the sheep.

He is not successful at it though. He just ends up creating small holes and slings a bunch of dirt around. It doesn't bother us, whatever makes him happy.

Hopefully by our next post will have something more exciting to share, so stay tuned. :)


Easter On Parade

Easter On Parade is an annual event held in the Fan District of Richmond. Monument Avenue and the streets neighbouring it are filled with beautiful old homes with stunning architecture. Although I have lived in Richmond my entire life, I have never gone to this event before. We had fabulous weather this Easter weekend, so Mitch and I decided to head on out to check it out. We are glad we did! We had a greyt time. Live music, vendors, pets and folks dressed up = fun times. :) The best thing about this parade is it is casual. No lining up etc. You walk wherever you want to.

We stopped to listen to the band for a bit.

Then we stopped by to see some fellow greyhounds.

Yes, I concur; Subi's are very dog friendly vehicles. :)
We walked and walked, had some fresh squeezed lemonade, a couple of hot dogs, and took in all the sights. The kids were on sensory overload. So many dogs to greet, new things to sniff and of course lots of petting. After an hour or so, they were wiped out, so we headed back to the car.
I snapped some pictures on the drive out of the city. I love the beautiful trees that line the streets and the beautiful old buildings.
We had loads of fun. The kids are beyond exhausted. When we got home and let them in the backyard to potty, Cueball walked a few feet and laid down. He did not want to move. Guess we wore them out a bit. That's okay, they will recuperate in a day or so, and may even let us sleep in tomorrow morning. ;-)
Hope everyone had a fabulous Easter surrounded by the ones you love.