Me from A-Z Meme

Alex from Hope and Greyz posted this meme. If you want to play along then....Tag, you are it!!

The object is to describe yourself using each letter of the alphabet.
So here is mine:

A- is for Allergic to cats. Yes, you read that right. I am allergic to cats, but tolerate our cat Misty because Mitch grew up with cats and wanted a cat. It is a sacrifice I am willing to make to make my hunny happy!
B- is for Booyah, love bug extraordinaire and B is for blogging because I am a blogaholic
C- is for Chocolate, which is a daily must. C is also for cat, I have one Tabby cat named Misty, she is quite the character and keeps us amused. C is also for Cueball, our big lovable daddy's boy goof, and C is also for College, since I spent most of my adult life in college, I do have something to show for it. I have earned 3 degrees while working full time. But at this time they do not professionally pertain to anything that I do now in my current job. Oh and C is also for Chuckle, because if I don't chuckle at that last statement, then I will likely cry! =)
D- is for dogs. We have 4 dogs and one waiting at the bridge
E- is for Eggplant, one of my absolute favorite dishes
F- is for Friends, you can never have too many!
G - is for Greyhound and Grape Leaves
H- is for happiness.
I- is for Ice Cream. I love it even if it gives me a tummy ache later
J- is for Jelly Beans at Easter, Jerky (Beef, Elk, Deer), Jam on my toast and Junk food
K- is for my sweet Collie/Cocker-Spaniel K.C. who passed away 10 months ago =(
L- is for Love
M- is for Mitch, my hubby and M is for Maggie, my heart dog.
N- is for nice
O- is for oh sugar! A phrase I use quite often at work
P- is for Pippi, one of our love bug dogs.
Q- is for quilt, which is an absolute must while relaxing on the couch
R- is for reading, which I enjoy and try to do as often as I can.
S- is for Sushi, another favorite and S is also for studying, which I will doing a lot of over the next month to get ready for my CPC exam on April 6th. Eekkk!
T- is for Tattoo, which I have two now and I am planning on a third this summer (it has taken me 2 years to figure out what I want-oh yeah those wheels in my head have been spinning) and T is for TV, I don't watch a lot of TV, but I enjoy these shows: Lost, Grey's Anatomy, House, Medium, Saving Grace, and Hell's Kitchen
U- unique, which I try to be, but sometimes fail at.
V- is for Virginia, I have lived here my entire life and Virginia is for Wine and Pet Lovers!!
W- Wine and lots of it!!
X- is for xylophone, because it is the only x word I can think of right now. =)
Y- is for yellow, because this color makes me smile and because when I was young, according to my mom, I could not pronounce the letter y for some reason, so yellow was lellow
Z - is for Zebra. I am fascinated by them, they are just so beautiful

There you have it, me from A-Z.


It's official & someone's four

For those who don't already know....pass the dip, we've "chipped!" We made it official this week and adopted Pippi. =) She is damn near perfect and fits in so well with our pack. She is a wonderful addition to our family; she is so sweet and so stinking cute! And, yes for all those who are wondering.......FOUR is ENOUGH!!! We won't "chip" again unless we are living in a bigger home.
We also celebrated Pippi's 4th birthday today. She turned four on Thursday. Mitch, the pups and I went to the Pet Expo this afternoon. It was a fun event. ;-) The pups enjoyed greeting all the dogs and getting free treats. We did not bring the camera with us, but I am sure you can see pictures on Trina and Gyeong's blogs.

The pups were pretty exhausted when we got home, but they mustered up the energy for cake.

This is one chica who is very food motivated. She has already learned how to sit. She is a good girl and a quick learner. Here she is waiting patiently for a piece of her birthday cake.The pups enjoy their cake.

She also loves sunbeams. =) I have a feeling she is going to love the doggie pools this summer.
I am heading to Charlotte, NC tomorrow for a week for a business trip. Ugh.....I am going to miss the pups and Mitch terribly!

Hope everyone has a greyt week! :)


Lazy Sundays & Sunbeam Girls

The pups, Mitch and I had a very lovely :), but very busy Valentines Day so today we are all taking it easy. We have all been up to this all day:
And, the rarely seen sunbeam makes an afternoon appearance. The girls loved this! I wish we had these more often. Our next home will have lots of windows in the family room, for sure!
We are gearing up for the Pet Expo next weekend in Richmond and someone ultra sweet is turning four this week. Stay tuned. ;-)


Good thing their fixed.

The Friday before we picked Pippi up I asked Mitch to look her up on greyhound-data.com so that he could see her picture. Well…he did more than that. He noticed that Pippi’s maternal great grandfather was also Maggie’s paternal grandfather. This got the wheels turning in his nugget and when he came home from work he couldn't wait to show me the printout from greyhound data for all four dogs (our three + Pippi). As it turns out Maggie is related to Booyah, Cueball and Pippi. Pippi is related to Maggie, Booyah and Cueball. Cueball is related to Maggie and Pippi and Booyah is related to Maggie and Pippi. I guess it is not too terribly uncommon, but nonetheless, we still think it is pretty neat. ;-)

The breakdown:

This is how Pippi is realted to all three -
Cueball's Maternal Grandfather, Oshkosh Racey, is Pippi's Paternal Grandfather
Booyah's Maternal Great Great Great Grandfather, Perceive, is Pippi's Paternal Great Grandfather
Maggie's Paternal Grandfather, HB's Commander, is Pippi's Maternal Great Grandfather

Are you lost yet? I hope not because there is more.

This is how Maggie is related to Booyah and Cueball -
Cueball's Paternal Grandfather, Oswald Cobblepot, is Maggie's Father
Booyah's Maternal Grandfather, Trojan Episode, is Maggie's Maternal Grandfather

Are any of your hounds related to ours?


I'm sorry. So sorry.

Just like teenage girls, from disliking each other one day to BFF, Pippi makes amends with Gracie.
At least the girls are living peacefully indoors now. Next we need work on outdoor manners. =)

BTW: Rule: no fosters on the couch. We are turning a blind eye, since she knew how to do this already when we got her. ;-)


Gourgeous Weather & Hounds and GGB

First, we owe an apology to the Groundhog. Sorry! This weekend we had gorgeous weather in VA. In the 60's. It felt like springtime both Saturday and Sunday. Sooo nice. =) We just had to take advantage of both days by spending the majority of our time outside. It has been so cold here lately, the kids loved this nice reprieve in the temps. I am so ready for spring, so bring it on!! Here are a few pics of Booyah and Pippi playing outside. I will apologize now for the camera work, but I think you will get the drift.

The bodiless frog is still around and this sends Booyah into attack mode.Booyah and Pippi in a friendly chase (this would have been a decent shot had I not cut Pippi's head off).
P: "You want a piece of me Booyah...come on...let's play!"
Two minutes later:
P: "I'm done."
So how is Pippi doing? Just wonderfully! She has Maggie's approval already. Maggie is not a touchy feely grey, but she does not mind Pippi laying beside her or touching her while she is laying down and Pippi seems to like Maggie. She plays with her in the yard quite a bit, which has been great for Maggie. Chunky monkey needs to shed a few of those winter pounds. ;-)

Now onto some drop dead gorgeous hounds. ;)

We are also watching GGB (Gracie Green Bean) for a week while her family is on vacation. We fostered her when she first arrived to the states in November of '07. She made the long trip over from Spain and lots of volunteers helped her on her journey to her forever home. She is the definition of a lap dog. She is SUPER SWEET. Here is quick shot of her enjoying a rawhide.
So who couldn't love this sweet girl? Pippi! We can't figure out what it is, but Pippi does not like GGB for some reason. Maybe Gracie called her Pepe Le Pew? In any case we are being extra careful monitoring the girls. Too many bi**hes under the same roof, I guess.

Have a great week everyone!!


From 60 to Snow

Yesterday the temp was 60 degrees. It was a really nice day. This morning, we woke up to this: D**n groundhog!


2 Newbies and a Pippi

Saturday, much to my surprise, Mitch played hookie from work and helped me with VAGA's 1st haul of the year. Mitch went to meet the hauler to pick up the two newbies while I finished cleaning and preparing the house for adoption day. More pictures from the haul can be seen here. 6 more hounds now have their forever home.

Both girls, Erin Donovan and Hammie Hodge were super sweet. Erin is only 22 months old, but she is the calmest "puppy" I have ever met. She made herself right at home and found a rawhide from the toy basket.Hammie checks out the kitchen. She is a tiny girl at just 52lbs! Isn't she pretty?The newbies check out the activity outside.

They were both very thirsty. Their families were so excited! And, both girls are doing well in their new homes. =)
Miss princess talked her way into getting a new toy after the adoption day activities were through.
And later in the day, we picked up our newest foster Pippi. She is a 2 time bounce back due to NO fault of her own. We are giving her a try to see if she will work with our pack. So far things are going well and she is fiting in very nicely. She is a doll!! =) I love her bouncy, playful personality! You can see more pictures of her on Gyeong's blog. ;-)

More pictures of Pippi coming soon. February will be a busy dog filled activity month for us. =) So stay tuned.