Fun with Toys

I can remember the excitement at Christmas time as a kid eagerly anticipating opening each present under the tree looking for that one special toy. The one I had been wishing for most of the year. Inspecting each box, shaking them and listening for the sound of what laid inside made, trying to determine which one was the one special gift. The feeling of overwhelming excitement while opening each present, the feeling of a little disappointment after tearing open the box only to find clothes, underwear or socks, and the jump out of your seat excitement felt when that special gift was opened and in my hands. Each year, the special gifts changed, but the excitement was always the same. I was thinking back to those Christmases the other day while I was watching the kids bounce around with their new Duck and Purse squeaky toys, and was imaging that this must be like "Christmas excitement" for them each time they get a new toy. Each time I watch little videos like the one above of the kids playing it makes me smile just thinking about the excitement and joy they must feel when they get a new toy. :) Hope you enjoy.

I had about 4 videos that I took, but for some reason the others will not upload. :( Hopefully, I will be able to share those in the near future.



Last weekend we headed out to the Glen Allen MG with Maggie and Pippi. Two of the newest additions to the VAGA family also joined us. They just arrived to VA on August 1st. To the left is Remi with his family and to the right is Wilson with his dad. Both boys are super sweet and very handsome. They both did very well for their first social outing. They are adjusting nicely and are enjoying life in their new homes.The newbies had encouragement and guidance from our MG pros, Baron, Maggie and Pippi. We had lots of folks stop by to dote on the hounds and VAGA has already received an application in. :)
Where else would you expect to see Miss Queen?
Meet Puddin Pop. She came up on the 1st of August too and we had the pleasure of keeping her for one night last night while she is in transistion to her journey to her foster home.
She is very sweet, playful and almost completely home acclimated. Not quite house broken, but she only had one accident and that was by the back door, so she was trying to tell us, we just did not react in time.
She is a lovely, petite, 4 1/2 year old girl who smiles, has the cutest floppy ears and loves to bounce around the house playing with toys.
Even though her name is Puddin Pop, I still found myself singing Lollipop Lollipop, oh lolly lollipop.... to her. LOL.
Best of luck to Miss Puddin Pop, we hope you find your forever home very soon! You are welcome to come stay with us anytime. :)

Author's update:

I forgot to include one of the Newbies. Below is Starz Reese. She came up on the August 15th haul. This is not a very good picture of her, but it is the only one I had time to take yesterday. I love the black around her eye, she has very unusual markings. Her mom found a really cute stuffed toy of Resse's for her. LOL!


Maggie's Ritual

Just a quick post before we head out to today's meet and greet. The above clips are of Maggie and her daily/nightly ritual at feeding time. Notice the sound of everyone else eating in the background. Sigh....she is such a queen!


Kings for a day

Well at least Kings of the stack of dog beds anyways. They got to enjoy the high life for a couple of hours before I dethrowned them.

Now, if we only had one of those Burger King crown hats. ;-) They always find a way to make me smile, even on laundry day.

And below are just random adorable pictures of miss queen herself.

I love all of our kids, but Maggie is my heart.

We are looking forward to having some more greyhound fun next weekend at the Glen Allen monthly meet and greet. =) We hope to see some peeps there!