Meme Thursday

Alex from Hope and Greyz posted this Meme. I thought it would be fun to play along.

The object is to answer each question, but the answer must start with the same letter as your name. Here we go:

What is your name? Michelle
A four letter word: moot
A girl's name: Melanie
A boy's name: Mitch
An occupation: Mathematician
A color: Magenta
Something you wear: Mink coat
A food: mussels
Something found in the bathroom: makeup
A place: Montana
A reason for being late: Myocardial infarction
Something you shout: Mitchell Nathan Ridlon!!
A movie title: My Fair Lady
Something you drink: Milk
A musical group: Montgomery Gentry
An animal: Monkey
A street name: Main
A type of car: Mustang
The title of a song: Muskrat love
A verb: make

This was fun, give it a whirl! =)



Burr! It has been wicked cold this week. On Friday morning when we got up it was a whopping 6 degrees outside. It's times like these when I wish we lived some place warmer.
The pups are not too happy with the cold either. They go out to do their business and they come right back in. None of their usual milling around outdoors, exploring through the woods or romping in the yard with toys.
Sigh...these are the days of winter. But, here at the Ridlon home we are all dreaming of sunny days and warmer weather. ;-)



The kids, Mitch and I have a break from foster dogs and boarders now. Our most recent foster, Freddy (see previous post), went to another foster home on Tuesday and then on to a foster w/intent to adopt home over the weekend. Best of Luck Freddy! =)

The weather here has been cold and rainy lately, but we did get a reprieve from that this weekend and the kids took full advantage of this outside with some much needed play time. Not much commentary will follow, just some cute pics of the pups playing.

This was a lucky shot of a stare down and a nice surprise when I downloaded the pics from my camera. Cueball referees Maggie and Booyah during their game of Tug of War.

Maggie usually always wins Tug of War. Her second favorite game is keep away. She loves to tease the boys.

She occasionally lets the boys have a turn at keep away.

I always seem to be on the wrong end of great shots.

I am not sure what he is up to in this shot. He looks pretty intent on something.

We are done playing now. Can we have some treats?



I was tagged by Trina to post the 6th picture in the 6th folder, describe it and then tag 6 blogs to keep this going. The above picture is of Maggie chillin in the shady spot on the grass in our backyard. This was taken in April of 2007. Behind her to the left are the beginning stages of what is now our patio.

Now to keep this going, I tag Iowa Greyhound, Nigel, Sola & Co., Operation Puppy Raiser, The Greyhound Spot, The Ridlon Room and Treasure What You Have.