Meet and Greets and Pip's boo boo

We had our standard end of the month weekend with 2 meet and greets. One on Saturday in Richmond and the other on Sunday in Newport News. We have not taken the kids out and about very much this year so they were thrilled to be going somewhere finally!! Below is Pippi waiting patiently for us to finish packing the doggie bag.Here is Mitch with the pups on Saturday. We tried to have the event outside, but it was too hot and we soon moved indoors.
Pippi enjoying the cool store and soft quilt.
Bubble and her dad came. This was the best picture I could get. Bubble is the perfect name for her. She has a very bubbly personality and is always moving. She loves squeaky toys and playing catch outside. Such a good girl. =)
Miss princess taking it easy, showing all the nice folks that greyhounds really are a calm breed!

P: "Can we go yet?"
Below is a group shot from Sunday's event. Dogs and peeps from left to right:
Booyah, Ben, Jack, Lola, Maggie, Jane, Claude, April, Lilly, Cueball, Pippi and Mitch. The pups had a good time at both events, but were WORN out when we got home. They took a nice long nap and so did we!

I think Pippi was protesting the photo shot. ;-)

And lastly, a couple weeks ago we had a biting incident while the kids were playing in the yard. Pippi is extremely playful and loves to mouth while playing. She also antagonizes Booyah. He finally had enough and mouthed her back. Only his mouth left a mark. We knew this was bound to happen. It wasn't too bad of a bite. We shaved her fur around the wounds, which made her look a little goofy, and cleaned them out well and kept Neosporin on it while it was healing. The wound below was the biggest, the wound below this was only a scrap. The redness calmed down quickly, this picture was taken soon after the bite.

She is doing fine and almost completely healed. Her fur is growing in nicely.
Did she learn her lesson? HMMMM........I don't think so! That is just Pippi!! It is just her personality, she has a lot of pup left in her. So now we keep a more careful eye on them while they play and when we know they are going to run, she and Booyah get muzzled.

That's about all that has been going on in the Ridlon abode for now. Hope everyone has a greyt week!!


Jus chillin

We had gorgeous weather this weekend in VA. I hope spring is finally here to stay. I am quite tired of the cool weather. Saturday was sunny and warm. A perfect day for enjoying French wine and food at the festival. We ate and drank and enjoyed good company. When we had our fill, and since we were already on that side of town anyway, we then headed to the Armenian/Greek bakery off of Libby in Richmond. We picked up some Armenian sweet bread, hummus, jam and baklava. Yummy!! We had to go to Kroger to get the Armenian pomegranate wine because the bakery no longer sells it. I was pleasantly surprised that Kroger did! We headed home and enjoyed a quite semi-cultural evening on the patio.

The pics below are from a couple of weekends ago. The pups really enjoy spring weather.

Booyah enjoying a good romp. Booyah chillin with a toy.
Maggie looking stunning. She is such a queen!

Cueball and those adorable ears!

He is 100% a daddy's boy and those ears are 100% all natural. No posing for the camera. This is how he rolls. :)

We have a busy greyhound meet and greet weekend in store for us next weekend. =)


Take me to the river.....

Is anyone still out there? Sorry....been MIA for a little while. Lots going on around the Ridlon homestead these days.

So let's catch up. I took the dreaded CPC exam on April 6th in Roanoke, VA. It was a beautiful drive on Route 460 heading to and from Roanoke. But that's about all I can say was good about the trip.
The exam was..well..CHALLENGING to say the least and 5 1/2 hours flew by VERY quickly. Before I knew it, it was 2:00 p.m. and time was up. :( To say the least, it did not go well, I was disappointed in myself and all I could do was cry after the exam was over. Yep, I had a breakdown in front of a bunch of strangers including the two proctors. I don't think I can show my face in downtown Roanoke again. Although, I will not know the official results for 2-3 weeks, I am pretty sure, I know the result. So I am continuing to study, like the exam never even happened. Everyone has been very supportive with encouraging words of "I am sure you did fine." Everyone is staying positive. Good! I need all the good vibes I can get!!

On another note, Mitch's new job is going really well. Business is good and he is enjoying being self employed.

We are also doing some yard work. We have 4 flower beds in the front yard, which all need some desperate landscape work. We have several home projects to complete on the list.

We attended VAGA's Lick Canine Cancer Event on Saturday night. It was awesome! If you have not had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Couto speak, I highly recommend that you do. =)

On Sunday, we spent Easter with my mom. It was very nice.

Maggie says "I don't wear no stinking bunny ears!"

Sadly, I have not taken any photos of the pups since my last post (the above was taken 2 years ago), but I do have some to post from the last time I did have the camera out and about. Hopefully, I will get around to that this weekend. Yeah, yeah.....I know....I am a lazy w*n*h.

We have a free weekend coming up! Yippers!!!! We are thinking about going to the Celebration of the Vine Festival on Saturday, proceeds go to a great cause and since my mom works where the event is being held, I will get to see her as well....an added incentive to go. :)

We finally got rid of the dial up Internet and home telephone. Yes, welcome us to the 21st century please! We decided it was time to get a broadband modem. This nifty little device fits in the USB port of our computers. AWESOME! What took us so long? We are procrastinators and have to over think every decision we make. =)

And, sadly it has been a year since we had to say goodbye to our sweet K.C. We still miss her tremendously. She is in my thoughts all the time. I am finally at the point where I can look at her pictures and not break down in tears. We were lucky to have had so many wonderful years with her. She brought soooo much joy and laughter to our lives and we know she is waiting for us at the bridge.

K.C. you are forever in our hearts!

Now on to explaining the title of this post. We are looking for a place to vacation this year which will allow us to bring all four pups without a weight limit or number of dog limit or an extreme non-refundable deposit. We would prefer a place by the water, river, lake or beach, we are not picky. Anywhere on the east coast between VA down to Florida. I have searched and searched, and still continue to search. I am finding most places will accept up to two or three dogs, but not four and most have weight limits. URGH... We are looking to vacation the last week of September. Any suggestions or ideas would be very much appreciated. =) The Ridlon clan could really use a getaway trip.

Have a greyt week everyone! Pup pictures coming soon.