Uninvited guests, anniversary and NK Wine Festival

Our next door neighbors have been hard at work for the last year making their house a home. Their most recent endeavour was building a Tiki Bar. Very Cool!! They had a Hawaiian party last weekend to celebrate the opening of said Tiki Bar. Fun times! And, we are sure we will be visiting the K&P Tiki Bar again in the near future. ;-)

They also recently bought some chickens. We have heard them in the morning when we take the pups out, but we did not realize they were right next door. We hear and see all sorts of animals out here in the country. We have had uninvited guests come in our yard on several occasions, mostly hunting dogs that have been turned loose at the end of the season and sometimes our neighbors black lab ,Moses, wanders over. But, what we woke up to last Sunday morning takes the cake for being the strangest uninvited guests to date.I am not a big fan of pet chickens. They are kinda smelly and make a mess, but to each their own, as they say. I guess this pack of chickens found something enticing to eat in our yard. The up side is, they have about 30 hens. Which means, we will be finding some nice surprises of baskets of eggs in our mailbox in the near future. ;-) You can't get any fresher than that!

This past Monday was our Eighth wedding anniversary. We celebrated by having a quite evening at home with our fur kids on Monday. We went shopping this weekend for our mutual anniversary gift and bought a new vacuum. I know it sounds so dull and so piratical, but we really needed it. Ours was not working very well anymore. So, we finally got a Dyson. I LOVE it!!! OMG, I never thought vacuuming could be fun! I love seeing how much fur and dirt it sucks up (actually it was quite gross seeing how much dirt and fur my vacuum cleaner was missing) and no more changing nasty vacuum cleaner bags. Woohoo!! It is lightweight and easy for me to carry up and down the stairs. Major score!

Here are some cute pictures of the pups that I took over the last week. We have been spending lots of time chillin at home enjoying the weather.

I think this one of Pippi is really pretty.
Queen of the couch.
Black beauty.
Daddy's sophisticated boy.
We also went to the New Kent Wine Festival last weekend. We had been looking forward to this event for months. We had a great time. They had an awesome turnout!

Below we are driving to the winery going through the round-a-bouts. Beautiful subdivisions are being built to the left and the right of this round-a-bout. There is also plans for a Farmer's Market. AWESOME!!
Pretty vineyard. Is it just me or do the leaves look greener this year? Must be all the rain we have had lately.
The winery and more of the vineyard.
Our view of the band and a great spot for people watching. ;)
Here we are enjoying our day.
We had a great time! NK is definitely one of our favorite wineries in VA.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.


Cueball's dental

Hi evryone, my name is Qball. My mum said I could use de computr to tell my story bout my dentul dat I had de other day. Today I feel like my normal self, but de other day I didn't feel so good. Mum says it was bcuz I had a dentul. I new someting wuz not right when my dad did not feed me dat morning but my brother and sisters got to eat. Then mum got my leash and I got excited bcuz I new we was going somewhere. So I was happy bout dat. I luv to go places. Mum put me in da truck and drove me around for a bit. I did not no where we were going, but I was happy to be out and my brothers and sisters did not get to go, only me! Ha!

I like putting nose art on mum's windows and I was enjoyng stickng my nose out da window to smell all da neat smells. I like to do dat a lot. Then da truck stopped and when I got out, I was happy bcuz I thought I was going to meet some people, cuz we come to this place to meet people a lot, but then we went inside and I was da only dog there and I got nervous. Mum kept telling me it was going to be okay and da nice people at da vet would take good care of me and she would be back to get me soon. I had to get on this black long box looking thing and stand there for a minute, real still, so mum could get my weight. I don't no what dat means, but she was happy bout it being 78. Then a lady came and took me from my mum, she put a collar with my name on it around my neck. Mum gave me hugs and kisses and told me I would feel better soon.

I went with the nice lady cuz mum said it was ok. I don't remember much after dat cuz da vet gave me someting dat made me really sleepy. When I woke up, I did not feel very good. I was weak and my mouth was sore. Da nice people at da vet's let me rest for a bit and then when I got a little bit of my energy back, they called my mum to let her no she could come get me.

I was happy to see my mum when she came to get me. She said I was a good boy and she wuz proud of me. Mum walked me outside so I could go potty. I had to pee badly. Mum said it was bcuz I had a calfeter during my dentul. I don't no what dat is, but I pee-ed a long time. Then mum helped me up into da truck. Mum drove me home, she put the windows down a little bit for me, but I did not feel like smelling all da smells and just slept in da truck. While I was sleeping, mum told me dat I scared her, cuz during my dentul, my heartrate dropped and da vet had to give me medication to help me get stable. She said dat scared her. But other den dat, I did very well at the vets.

Mum new I was not feeling very good so when we got home, she asked my daddy to carry me from the truck to the house. My brother and sisters were happy to see me, but I was not happy to see them, cuz I was not feeling good so I gave them all a growl so they would leave me alone.

I slept and slept and den a couple hours later, mum took off my bandage and gave me peanut butter with my pills. She said the pills will help me feel better. She also gave me some yummy wet food out of a can, we don't usually get stuff out a can, so I was happy bout dat. I ate a little bit and then slept sum more. Mum said I was wobbly when I walked, so she helped me outside walk outside to go potty before we went to bed. When we came back inside, I did not feel like walking up da stairs so mum slept downstairs on the couch with me. When I woke up in the morning, I felt better. Mum was happy and told me dat the medicine that made me sleepy at the vets was out of my system. I was glad bcuz, I did not like da way dat made me feel. I heard mum tell my daddy that I looked drunk and my eyes were glazed over when she came to get me at da vets. I don't no what dat means but I no I did not feel like myself. Mum says she hopes we don't have to go to da vets again soon for a dentul. Me either!! Mum said my calculus on my teeth is gone now and they did not have to pull any of my teeth and dat I was lucky, but she needs to brush my teeth everyday so I don't have to go through dat again soon. Me too!

Well dat was my story bout my dentul. I felt yucky for a bit, but I am feeling better now.


May Girl

If you have the CG (Celebrating Greyhounds) wall calendar, you will recognize a familiar face for the month of May. This is one of my favorite pictures of Maggie. This picture was taken by Gyeong at Trina's house in Spring of '07. Thanks Gyeong for the fabulous picture and thanks for submitting this to the CG calendar! =)