Real hare causes chaos at greyhound race

Real hare causes chaos at greyhound race – video - mirror.co.uk
Click the link above to watch the video. I could not figure out how to copy and post the video to blogger. If anyone knows how to do this, please share the tip. =)

Here’s a hare-y moment at a Greyhound race in Australia.

A real-life bunny managed to make its way on to the track at Shepperton Stadium in Victoria, earlier this week, causing chaos.

Outsider Ginny Lou, who was in third place, ignored the mechanical lure and set off after the real deal after spotting the hare as it darted across the track.

After reviewing the official race film stewards declared the event a 'no race', with the $32,000 laid out on the race refunded to punters.

Article and video courtesy of Mirror.co.UK.news

It seems to me Ginny Lou should have been declared the winner. :)


She's a show off

It has been one heck of a hot summer in VA. Our outside time has become very limited. We did have a few days of "cooler" (cooler being a relative term) temps a few weeks back, so we let the pups enjoy the much needed outdoor play time. Maggie is toy girl. Inside or outside, she plays with toys. Soft, hard, those that squeak and those that do not. She is not picky. She just loves to play and show off her moves. The rest of the pack could really care less about toys. They play occasionally, but not like Maggie. Even at her ripe age of 9 years and 10 months, she still has a lot of spunk.

She has her Octopus toy ready to go out for play time. Just waiting for me to open the gate.

She takes the Octopus by one of his tentacles and romps around the yard.
The Octopus tries to play dead, but he doesn't have her fooled.
She gets bored with him and finds her favorite hard squeaky. I swear she shows off for the camera. Just look at her pose as she goes by me.
It is like she is saying "look at me, look at what I can do."
"Don't you see how cute am I mom? You still have the camera on me, right?" "Make sure you get my good side."

She had a blast for a few minutes and then was ready to go back inside. It is just too hot to be out for too long.

In other news, I got another tattoo a few months ago. It is number 3 for me and will probably be my last one, or so that is what I say now. We shall see as they are rather addicting. :)
I really love the way it turned out. It was just what I was looking for. Does the design look familiar? If so, you are correct. It is one of Sarah Snavely's pendants . No worries, I got her permission to use the artwork before I got it done.

Not much else going on with us or the pups. Just trying to stay cool and beat this unbearable heat. We hope to have some more outside activities to share again soon.


Happy 7th Birthday Boyz

Our two beautiful boys celebrated their 7th birthdays this weekend. We took a trip to Three Dog Bakery to pick up a cake for this special occasion.

These cakes always look so yummy, and the pups thoroughly enjoy them.

The boys and Pippi give the cake their sniff test before I cut it.

I cut the cake into quarters. I like the way it turned out. These two pieces were perfect for the boys. Cueball, Booyah, Pippi and Maggie all enjoy their piece of cake.

Afterwards the boys relax together on the couch. The are so much like brothers and best friends. They play so well together and are always hanging out with each other when they are outside. Booyah is a follower and Cueball is very independent. Two totally different personalities but they mesh well together. They are like two peas in a pod. =) We are so lucky to have such wonderful boys as part of our family!
Happy Birthday to the two best boys in the world!! We love you both very much!!!!

And, I will leave you with this lovely picture Mitch took of me and the pups sleeping in this morning, which we get to do very rarely.
Have a great week everyone. Stay cool!!!


Hot Times, Summer in the Country

The temps have been very toasty lately. Today in the sun the thermometer read over 100 degrees. We had a few days of reprieve last week with temps in the 80's but this week we will back in the upper 90's and 100's. It seems that this summer is going to set quite a few records.

That is exactly why I have been spending the majority of my time doing this:

Thank you Mitch for setting up our pool and getting me some floats to chill on. You are the best. =)

On the greyhound front, we hosted another adoption day last weekend. Meet the latest members of the VAGA family.

Kebo Kara, now affectionately known as Kebo because their young son is unable to pronounce Kara yet. Either way she is so cute. :)
And meet Tulip Sunshine. She came up as a foster but after just three days of fostering her foster family could not stand to let her go, so they adopted her. She is now known as Sunday. It did not take them long to get bit by the greyhound love bug. :)And on our hounds have been spending lots of time indoors because of the scorching temps outside. Booyah has found a new place he likes to hang out at. Maybe he likes being the keeper of the stairs?
Pippi in her usual head rush stance.
Cueball is loving all the extra space on the couch.
And Miss Queen had a bath today, which made her not a happy camper with me so she found her happy place with a toy for supreme comfort.

Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July. Stay cool and enjoy this summer!