Out of our four hounds, Pippi is the only snuggler in our pack. We joke that she is a 65lb lap dog. She is most comfortable when she is touching another dog or snuggling with us. It is a process to achieve her ultimate zone of comfort. She usually starts out like this:She tries to snuggle with Booyah. He tolerates her for a little while and then decides enough is enough and he leaves the scene to find his own individual spot to curl up for a nap. This leaves just me and Pippi on the couch. Like a wiggle worm, she slowly inches her way to me until she assumes this position:
She is quite comfortable like this for a while, but she is not done yet. Not satisfied with not being "close enough" she keeps wiggling until she finds her most desired spot:
She is like a little oven. I can only tolerate the extra heat she gives off for an hour or so before I give up and give in to letting her have my spot on the couch.
She is such a ham, but we love her and are glad to have a least one snuggler in the family. :)



Been a bit of a blog slacker lately. I have not been taking many pictures. Not because I don't want to, but because we have been very busy with house chores (painting, staining etc.). Hope to explain more in depth later, if our hard work pays off. :) And I hope to get back in the rhythm again soon. We hope our fall will be settled without so much running around/chores etc. Until our next post, I will leave you with this cute shot of our cat Misty. She finds the most unusual ways to get comfortable. Enjoy!