Pippi is 6 and we get a break in the weather

Miss Princess Pippi celebrated her 6th birthday and 2nd Gotcha day this weekend. She is quite the foodie so cake seemed fitting for her birthday treat. :)

Here she is checking out the goods while the boys wait patiently for us to cut the cake.
Her meal for the evening on Saturday (which was her actual birthday) and on Sunday.

She lets us know that it is lip smacking good.

And our treat for the evening. Yum, yes it was!!

With all the attention on Pippi for most of the day, Maggie found herself feeling quite jealous.
She is the queen, we must not forget!
The weather this weekend was fabulous for some outdoor fun. Cueball kicks things off by giving the moose a good shake.

Then takes the moose for a romp around the yard.

He tires of this toy and moves onto the pink unstuffed dog. Its head is the only part that remains stuffed.

Pippi gets a turn once Cueball tires out. It did not take long. ;-)

She is a bucking bronco!

After a few minutes of playing with this toy, she loses interest and decides to stalk Maggie. She is a nut. She stands still with her head cocked low like they can't see her.

She starts to make her move closing in on her target.

Then at just the right moment she pounces and gives a loud playful growly bark. Goofy girl!

She has the most personality out of our four and has brought so many laughs to our lives and added so much joy! Happy Birthday and Gotcha Day Pippers, we love you sooooooo much!!!!!!!! :)

Lastly, the jealous queen wants you to know that she is mommy's heart and always will be!


Justa catchin rays and crazy cars around town

Our sweet girl, Maggie Mae, catching some rays of sunshine during her afternoon nap yesterday.

Just look how content she is. Puts a smile on our face.
On another note, a few months ago on two separate trips to the grocery store we saw some weird vehicles. I will leave it to you to fill in the blanks on this one.

Not sure how many groceries this person thought they could squeeze in this car.

We have some exciting greyhound activities coming up, so stay tuned. :)


Fluffing our nest

Booyah says GO STEELERS!!! Wahoo!!!

The hubby is a big Steelers fan so that is who we will be rooting for today.

I mentioned in my recent posts that we have been doing quite a bit of work around the house. This post will mainly be about the before and after with little commentary. We will be back to our greyhound outings and activities soon.

It is a great time of year for us to being getting all of this done as it is still really cold here. I am looking forward to spring and summer, it can't get here fast enough!

Anywho, we started our painting projects with the master bedroom. Below is the before (mint green).

And the after (Sand). The pups couch is not pictured, but is still there. :)

In an effort to keep them out of trouble while we painted the living room, they became "jailed" for the day. We took them out multiple times throughout the day when we were on our breaks. They were not quite sure what this was all about but were glad to be out when we were done. We painted this hallway, the foyer and the hallway upstairs last August at the same time we were installing our composite deck and staining the front porch. We are DIYers. :) It is my favorite paint color (Rivera beach) and is what we based our other room paint colors around.

Living room before (Mustard yellow).

Living room after (Soft Camel).

And our last chore, the kitchen. We debated and debated over painting this room. It is a lot of cutting in and by far one of the hardest rooms, besides the utility room; which I tackled painting a year and a half ago; to paint. We wanted to try a new technique to redo our cabinets, but we used polyurethane last Sunday to touch them up a bit and they looked better, so we opted to use our day off on Friday to paint instead. Good thing we did because we received a call for our first showing Friday afternoon for early Saturday morning. We got the painting done and the house ready for the showing. Needless to say, after all that hard work, I have been a couch potato since Saturday afternoon. =) We will save the cabinet project for another day or maybe our new house. :)
Has anyone used the Rustoleum product for kitchen cabinets? This is what we were going to do. We would love your feedback if you have.
Kitchen before (Bright yellow). View 1.

View 2.

Kitchen after (Antique). View 2.

Kitchen after. View 1.

It was a lot hard work, but we are very happy with the results and hope this will help to sell. Will keep you posted.
Hope everyone has a great week!