This post will be a hodgepodge of what we have been up to in the last few weeks. First up is a picture of our new Wine Cork holder. This was a present for Mitch, as he is the cork dork, errh.....collector in the family and Iwas tired of them consuming space in the kitchen drawer. Instead of tossing them out every time I cleaned the drawer, I decided to give them a place on the counter. It was a win win! ;-)
Next, I came home to this last Wednesday evening. As you can see, the couch was a mess with blankets being "rearranged" and white stuffing every where. It is safe to say they had a pretty fun afternoon in the house. Need to install a doggie cam to capture the action. :)

The victim rests below........
And the culprit......

Pippi tends to sleep in some unique positions. She eventually slid all the way off the couch.
Last weekend we hosted an adoption day for VAGA and then attended the Glen Allen MG. Four hounds made the trip up from Orlando to their forever homes. Meet Zephyr. She landed a great forever home in Norfolk. She was very sweet and bonded quickly with Mitch. She is doing well in her new home.
Lastly, we have been spending as much time as we can outside. We try to have dinner out on the deck every evening (weather permitting, of course). The pups don't mind, they just want to be wherever we are.

We have some greyt things planned in the next month.......New Kent Wine Festival, Grapehounds Virginia, VAGA Annual Picnic and a Greyhound play date. Stay tuned. ;-)


Back to the norm

As mentioned in my last post, Cueball's face boo boo has healed. His fur has not grown in yet, so the area is still quite pink, but the sutures are out and he healed very nicely. We are very thankful no injury was caused to his eye. =) Things here at the Ridlon abode are back to normal, no more leash walking and no more covering multiple pills in peanut butter twice a day. :) The vet was very pleased with how well he healed. It is always a nice thing to hear!!! Cueball says "The chicks dig me." Spring has finally sprung in Virginia. Each year I try to time it right to get a picture of the Bradford Pear tree with all the white blooms and no green. I failed again. Maybe next year I will capture the beauty. The white blooms are not around for long, but they are spectacular for the short time they are! We have two of these trees in our front yard. We planted them in memory of the loss of Mitch's parents in 2001. I am quite fond of these trees for many reasons.
In our back yard by our patio, we put a small flower bed in last year and planted some bushes. They must have been the wrong type for our climate because this past year's winter killed them. :( So we changed them out for these. I love pansies! They are so pretty. They don't mind the cold!
I have been playing around with different settings on my camera trying to get a better feel for and understanding of which settings work best under which circumstances in hopes my photos will keep getting better and better. My attempts are below.

I am in the market for a new lens. I have researched and know exactly what I want just waiting for the right opportunity to snag one off of e-bay at a good price. I love a bargain and try to avoid paying full price when I can. ;-)

Here is Booyah posing by the Bradford Pear tree.
Cueball, Maggie and Booyah enjoying the beautiful spring weather. I think this shot really shows how small of a greyhound Maggie is. She is my little 54lb bundle of happiness! I love the little stinker dearly!!
Miss Misty enjoying a nap on the back of the couch. Hard to believe that she will be 12 this year. She was a birthday gift for Mitch. He picked her out of the litter of kittens at the SPCA in October of '99. I was hoping for an adult cat, but he really wanted a kitten. She is a daddy's girl, 100%.
Booyah being touchy feely with Pippi. He doesn't mind laying or touching another dog but does not like the favor returned. Silly boy doesn't know what he is missing!!

Don't you love how content they look when they sleep? I do!! I never get tired of looking at them while they are sleeping.

And lastly Cueball enjoying his chair and favorite blue blanket, which happens to be my bonus from work for 2009. I thought it was quite lame when I first got it, but as it turns out it was the perfect gift!! I call this his "bank bank" and he knows exactly what that term is. He will not lay down comfortably without a blanket underneath him and will wait for you to either put one down on a dog bed or in his favorite chair. I think that might be the definition of SPOILED!!!
Now that is pure happiness!!