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Greyhound play date

A few weekends back we had a small group of friends, whom we have met through our greyhounds, over for a play date. Including our four, we had 11 hounds total. This was our third attempt at picking a date, as the other dates got rained out, and even though it was a bit warm we kept the party scheduled as planned. Above is our stack of dog beds, all washed and ready for our hound guests.

Our intended play date turned into a pool party. Maggie was the first one in. The rest soon followed suit.
It was interesting to watch each hound. Some were content to just stand with their paws in the water while others lay down to enjoy the cool water. This was the first time Cueball actually decided to lay down in the pool. Guess it was either hot enough or he finally figured it out. Either way it was cute and he makes the pool look tiny. ;-) Jazmin keeps a lookout for him. If she had a cartoon bubble above her head, I imagine it would say "I've got your back."
Booyah prefers the cool grass. And lil man Dakota was busy checking it all out.
Rumor takes her turn in the pool.
The youngest greyhound fan, Mayrah.
Left to right dogs Rumor (in the pool), Jazmin, Jade, Pippi (laying down) and Dakota. And people left to right: Tinsley, Nicki, Greg, Mayrah and Kerrie.
We took quite a few breaks from the hot weather. Mitch rewards the hounds for their good behavior with treats.
Another view of Mitch giving treats.
Max, Norman, Pippi and Maggie. Norman is quiet camera shy so his mommy coaxed him in for a photo op.
Sera. She loves people!!
Even though they did not do much during the play date, they were still somehow exhausted.
Cueball taking it easy after a fun day.

Pictures above are a combination of my photos, Kerrie's photos and Nicki's photos. =)
Next post we will share our VAGA annual picnic pictures. Will try to get that post up by Saturday. Over the next few weeks, we will be taking it easy until our vacation to Barkwells! We have been on the go for the last 5 weekends and we and the hounds need a break!!